Detail from illuminated text,   Scriptores Historiae Augustae,  Milan: Philippus de Lavagnia, 1475.

Detail from illuminated text, Scriptores Historiae Augustae, Milan: Philippus de Lavagnia, 1475.

It's almost Mother's Day weekend, and sure enough the rosebuds are getting ready to pop wide open.

When I lived on Main Street the place to be for the blooming of the roses was at Sycamore and 14th Street, on the fence that stood in back of the old School for Creative and Performing Arts.

I was told there were over 33 varieties of roses on that fence, everything from sleek straight-stemmed flower-shop roses to old-fashioned damask varieties, soft pink, the petals as soft as velvet and heavy with fragrance.

Put Mom in the car and take her to see this magnificent display. I don't know why everybody assumes all Mothers will like roses, but there you are. Sometimes it's best to conform.